Indian Guys 💙

I LOVE Indian guys. I am a white girl, and I have just about only dates Indian guys. I love it when they say “text me when you get home,” and how nurturing they are. Also I love that mostly they all have a decent job and are so focused. I remember this one guy used to always clean my glasses, it was so sweet. And the culture is amazing, making food for other people omg💚💚 except no one wants to date me. I falled for two guys. The one Gujarati guy freaked out when I said I wanted to go to his place. His roommates were strength from India and he said they would tell everyone back home he brought a white girl home. We were like best friends for a year and then he stoped texting me after I asked. The other guy just loved me for hookups. I mean I know I was too easy… working on that but still.. anyway hopefully I will find my Indian guy who’s right for me in the future

Here we go again

Going on a date tomorrow with this guy… taking me for sushi bears and ice cream. Can’t go wrong with that. I feel like I want to find my person just haven’t met them yet. It’s crazy being single for 3 years and not finding someone to date. I always go for Indian guys who can’t bring me home to their family. But it’s like I never learn because I like only date Indian guys(I’m a white girl). Anyway hope tomorrow’s date goes well!

Sugar Baby

There are many benefits of being a sugar Baby. You feel taken care of, financially, gifts and emotionally too. Today I had a guy offer me $500 a week, my own apartment and travel. I turned it down.

I met him one time before he had me meet in at a hotel in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm. I got there early and went to wait inside the hotel but there was a chain around the door, and they weren’t even open. I was freaking out to meet him in the middle of the parking lot with no one around and he was going to arrive soon.

He called and asked what my car looked like. I refused to meet him with none around. So we met at the restaurant parking. He told me to come in his car and my heart was going to leave my chest I couldn’t even look at him. I texted him no he could murder me but he convinced me by saying look at me, I’m a sweetheart.

I ended up meeting in his car and he did seem safe, and we talked about our last arrangement and he kept talking about how nice my tits were, we kissed and I followed him to a motel close by.

After we fucked, he’s like I have to go. Two weeks later he text me to meet and sends me a video of $500 for me. But I just had this gut feeling it wasn’t safe because he wanted to meet me so late at night at that shady motel. So I blocked him and told him I don’t wish to meet, don’t contact me. $500 would have really helped me out but I’m trying to trust my gut and if I don’t feel safe it isn’t worth it.

What’s Mine is Yours?

Waking up to slobbery kisses of a guy you didn’t go to bed with … let me rewind I slept with this guy in New York. I met him one other time, but was still a little nervous meeting him again.

Morning after sleeping together, he gets ready for work and says goodbye and I can keep sleeping. Next thing I know I’m waking up to slobbery nasty kisses on my back, and it’s his roommate. I started cracking up because this was so weird lol. I didn’t even know how to react. Who has the nerve to just go into someone else’s bed and touch their girl???? So after lying there still in shock for a a minute I get up laughing and then ask him what he’s doing and he’s like come cuddle me, although I know he wanted more than that. I call his friend in front of him and his response was, “I told you he liked you.” So at this point it sounds planned or at the very least not unheard of even though he said “omg I can’t believe he did that,” there was an underlying nonchalantness in his voice I didn’t trust.

I wasn’t scared tho, because this guy was a twig I knew I could beat him up if I had to.

On top of it he offered to help me get back to my bus which I accepted because I didn’t know the city very well. He acted like what he did wasn’t weird at all and just continued on with guiding me.

Wet pussy

Last night I met this guy to hook up for the first time. He was 3 years younger than me and I told him I’m not into younger guys, but he insists he is so mature. I wanted to take things slow with him but he kept insisting we hook up. So I meet up with him after texting for 2 weeks.

He fingers me in his car and then stops. Insists he needs some water, so I hand him a bottle and he’s outside the car for like 2 mins continually cleaning his hands and grunting. When he opens the door he’s like sorry I ruined the moment. I respond “ya you did, what happened?”And he tells me he has never been with a girl so wet he had to clean himself, looking so disgusted.

He drove me back to my car repeating how awkward that was. And I am like ya but it was only awkward because you made it that way, I didn’t do anything. It was so uncomfortable I tell him this has never happened to me before and we don’t have any sexual chemistry, like zero, while laughing. He says it was his fault for rushing things and he never had sex with a girl sober so it was too much for him. I knew that it wasn’t me but I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and angry. Angry especially because he kept rushing it and saying how good of a time I would have with a younger guy. I tried to talk so we could end things on a non awkward note and he’s like I just want to go, not even looking at me.